Wasco Recreation and Parks District  

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Recreation and Activities

All Registration will open July 1st for 2018-2019 fiscal year! 3rd player family discount (SIBLINGS ONLY) only applies to same season program (all 3 playing the same program)

Information on all programs or activities, please call 661-758-3081

All registrants will need to be required age by end of season league 

No Request- English

No Request- Spanish

2018 Soccer Registration Month of July

Late registration add $10.00

Location: Annin Park

  3-6 years of age $45.00   

  7-13 years of age $55.00

  League will begin in September with practices in mid-August

 2019 Rec T-ball/ Youth Softball Registration Month of February

Late registration add $10.00

Location:  Barker Park/Westside Park

  3 -6 yrs. of age – T-ball/ Coach Pitch   Cost - $45

  7-14 yrs. of age -  Girls Softball Cost - $55

 One game during the week and one game on Saturday

 2019 Rec. Girls Jr League Softball Registration Month of April    

Late Registration   add $10.00

Westside Park/Baseball Sport Complex

  15 -17 yrs. of age

   Reg. $55 per player

   All games are during the week

Registration fee is $45.00 to $55.00 per player with a family discount for the third player of $15.00 (same league)   $55.00 for Jr League